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Kingston Building Services Ltd is a versatile team of multiskilled craftsmen that are passionate about the house transformations.
Since 2013, we have successfully accomplished many private house renovation projects in South West London. While things are not always easy in builder’s dilemma, we are confident to say that we have solved it together many times. We strongly believe that the foundation of an excellent build lies on a builder+homeowner’s teamwork. Fundamentally we practice an open and honest communication. Detailed quotations and transparency of costs are provided. We have chosen to skip the middleman, full subcontracting or any other games that may just barely make it to deliver. All of them bring amounts of misunderstanding, stress, poor quality workmanship, overruns etc… Home renovation does not have to be messy like this!

Uniquely, greater control is achieved by dedication to a manageable amount of projects and focusing on the client satisfaction, quality workmanship and timely delivery. By managing our projects directly, we promise that renovation budget reaches its most efficiency and you get the most personalised customer service. We aspire to perfect it all from the root and ultimately to create the smooth and pleasant experience of home renovation.

Are you with us yet? Lets work together!
Are you thinking to have your dream bathroom built, a beautiful new kitchen or to create more light and space? Lets get it done! We have got the best people with skills, knowledge and creativity. What is your vision?